Successful Selling at a Trade Show

A few tips and pointers for successfully selling your product at a trade show.

Here is the bottom line. A Trade Show or Expo is a flea market! For those who have never been to a flea market, or an open air market in a third world country, I will explain to you the sales process.

You have a tiny space to display your product. You are competing with hundreds of other vendors.

The way they get the customer to spend money, is by attracting the customer to their booth. This is done by screaming out their specials, directing people into their booth, and by creating distractions so the customer sees their booth.

We don’t need to hoot and howl like a street vendor, but we need to be outgoing. We need to draw the customer to our booth. Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on their back wall exhibit, but if the salesman is not selling, then what’s the point?

Large buyers do not walk over to a booth and say, “Hi, Can I place a million dollar order”. However, the large buyers do walk around to see what is being sold. It is our job to go and bring them into our booth.

“The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is an old saying. I prefer, “The key to sales at an expo is with chocolate, and lots of it”. Some booths, put out a tray of mints that is so small, people don’t feel comfortable approaching the booth to take one. They think it is the salesman’s private stash. When you have a huge basket, over flowing with chocolate, people have no problem coming over to eat.

While they are munching away, you job is to start your sales pitch!

Do not think of an expo as a retail store. You cannot give the buyer time to walk up and down the aisles because there are no aisles in your booth. Think flea market. Pitch him as he is walking by. Make him turn his head!

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