Idea’s For Marketing Your Store

An air dancer is also a great way to make peoples head turn. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can even get them customized to your product. People driving by your small business will eventually get use to it, so maybe only use it only every other week. Restaurants always forget that… Continue Reading

Successful Selling at a Trade Show

A few tips and pointers for successfully selling your product at a trade show. Here is the bottom line. A Trade Show or Expo is a flea market! For those who have never been to a flea market, or an open air market in a third world country, I will explain to you the sales… Continue Reading

How To Improve Customer Service

Treat every customer like a millionaire, because sometimes the millionaire comes to your store in dirty work clothes! A retail store needs to stick out, and be noticed to attract shoppers. Those shoppers need to make purchases. Store owners need to make sure that a high percentage of people that walk into the store actually… Continue Reading