New Idea’s To Increase Sales at Small Business

There is an old rule in business that says; In order to keep your business alive, you must advertise.

That is great; however, we want to increase sales at our small business.

Let’s first focus on the store / building itself. The front of every store looks the same. They all have windows, a door and a sign up top saying the company name. Some stores will even put up a banner that says “SALE”.Increase Sales For Small Business

You need to make your store different, unusual, unique, and stand out.

Here are a few proven methods to Increase Sales at Small Business’s that actually work!

Have you ever thought of a bubble machine? Placing a bubble machine outside your store will make quite a scene. It will attract kids who will drag their parents over to your store. Increase foot traffic usually increases sales.

Leave the lights on at night so that someone walking by your store will be able to window shop. I know the green people may not like this idea, but are they paying your bills?

Clean bathrooms can increase sales! Place a sign on your door that says “Clean Bathrooms, No Purchase Necessary”. If you let people use your bathroom, you are letting them shop in your store. People cannot shop when they are looking for a bathroom.

Buy an A-Frame sign and put it down the block from your store to send people to your store.

Order twelve banners each a different color with a difference message on it to hang in front of your store and change it every month.

Cars are great mobile billboards but many people don’t use then to the fullest. The words need to be large enough and short enough, so someone can read them when you are driving 60 mph in the other direction. When your car is parked you should get a sign to put on top of it or get a banner to strap to the back window.

Some stores like to put out flyers on the windshield of cars in the parking lot. I recently saw a store tie a balloon with their name on it to every car on the street. It was quite a sight and it created a great buzz on the street! Order balloons with your stores name & address or website on it and give them to everyone that walks by. Walk down the block and pass them out as a busy intersection. Kids love balloons!

Car dealerships hang pennants to increase sales. You do not need to be a car dealership to use pennants! Order enough pennants to string them back and forth 10 times in front of your store. I tried this once at a nursing home and it was amazing how many people walked in and said I never knew you were here. We had been there for thirty five years! I guarantee you that half of the people who walk into your store will say “Did you guys just open?” Or “I never noticed this store before”.

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