How To Improve Customer Service

Treat every customer like a millionaire, because sometimes the millionaire comes to your store in dirty work clothes!

A retail store needs to stick out, and be noticed to attract shoppers. Those shoppers need to make purchases. Store owners need to make sure that a high percentage of people that walk into the store actually buy something.

When a customer walks into the store, don’t say, “Can I help you?”. Say “Hi, If you need help, Please let me know”.

  • Don’t breathe down the customers back.
  • Don’t follow them around the store.
  • Don’t watch them like they are a thief.

Tell the customer your specials when they walk in the door. Just like a restaurant tells its diners the specials when they sit down and review the menu. Show your customer where the clearance rack is. Point out what is on sale.Customer Service Quotes

Remove signs on the front door that promote negativity. Like No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service. If a customer wants to spend five thousand dollars at your store, do you really care if he is not wearing a shirt?

No Food or Drinks??? Shopping is relaxation therapy for most people. Do you eat and drink when you watch a movie? Why should a customer not walk around the store with a Latte? What is the worst thing that will happen; they will spill their drink on the carpet? If you tell the customer not to worry about the spill, you will create such an impression that they will tell ten friends to shop at your store!

There is an old saying; a customer with a good experience will tell 1 person, a customer with a bad experience will tell 10 people.

Keep the parking spaces in front of your store available for customers.

You don’t like to walk far, so why make your customers. If you are worried about people that are not your customers taking the spots, put a sign that says reserved for my customers only.

Shovel the snow in front of your store so customers can get in easily. When the snow is not shoveled in front of a store people assume your store is closed.

It is also smart to invest in some salt so that no one slips on the ice in front of your store. The publicity and attention of an ambulance in front of your store is not good for business.

When thinking of ideas for marketing, a small business owner needs to look at what bothers them at other stores.

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